About the Company

Our organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We embrace your visions as our own and partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative.

We are employee-owned and independent—free to bring our best thinking to your business. Our exceptional, diverse teams combine vast hospitality and business knowledge, working in partnership with our clients to develop market strategies.

We work closely with the communities in which we serve to ensure that our solutions optimize environmental protection, economic prosperity, social justice, and cultural vibrancy. We want their businesses, ecosystems, and communities to thrive, both now and into the future.

Our people are passionate about our corporate purpose and values. We believe in long-term relationships with our partners, and are committed to our clients' lasting success.

At Kanye Kanye Accommodation & Catering, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations in all that we do. This commitment is enabled and supported by practices and processes embedded in all Kanye Kanye projects, which deliver real value to our clients.

Achieving the highest attainable standards to enable asset owners achieve their business goals, safely and responsibly—that's always the key objective. But quality is never an accident. It results from the efforts of determined, leading experts with world-class skills, who deliver the best projects, always. We recognize that there is always room to improve.

Our Quality Management System is designed to continuously find new ways to enhance project outcomes. It documents best practices and empowers our employees and project teams to achieve exceptional results. We work closely with our partners, welcoming the feedback they provide to find new ways to do things better.

Health & Safety
The safety of our employees, visitors, and contractors is always top of mind. We work with our clients and partners, using structured systems and processes, to ensure safety, always.

Sustainability requires the optimization of environmental, social, and economic outcomes. This ensures ecosystems are maintained, communities thrive, and society prospers, now and in the future. Sustainability is at the core of how we deliver value to our clients as a socially responsible company.

"We are committed to maintaining high standards of ethical behavior in the conduct of our business. We are accountable to our clients, communities, and employees for conducting our business in a manner which is safe, respectful, legal, and sustainable." We are committed to maintaining our well-deserved reputation and high standards of ethical behavior in the conduct of our business.

Responsibility and accountability
We honor our commitments, take responsibility for all matters over which we have control, and are accountable for the results and consequences.

We maintain a supportive, professional, and positive workplace environment by appreciating the unique skills, experience, and talent of each individual, treating everyone with courtesy, fairness, and respect.

Fairness, integrity and honesty in our dealings We establish and maintain professional relationships with our clients, contractors, suppliers, vendors, joint venture partners, and others, based on mutual respect, integrity, and honesty by:

Prohibiting acts of corruption, bribery or improper influencing of decision-makers Respecting that gift-giving and providing entertainment is an important cultural business practice in some of the countries in which we work while using careful judgment to ensure that we do not offer or accept such benefits when the situation could either reasonably be perceived to create an obligation or would be in breach of the recipient's policies

Avoiding any situation that creates or appears to create a conflict of interest and informing clients of all known or perceived conflicts of interest Not disclosing or trading upon non-public, market-sensitive information Competing fairly and ethically and offering services on the basis of our qualifications and experience

Observing applicable laws regarding political contributions, activities, and lobbying. We believe in leaving communities better off than we found them and creating lasting, positive change. We invite you to have a look inside our Sustainablility Report and see all that we're doing to deliver on our promise of building practical solutions that are safe, innovative, and sustainable.

First Engagement
Our relationships with Clients are based on the values of honesty, respect, and transparency. We understand that our ability to deliver successful projects on behalf of our clients is enhanced by our knowledge and understanding of the histories, cultures, protocols, values, aspirations, and communities responsibilities.

At Kanye Kanye Accommodation & Catering , we strive for real partnerships with our clients and with the communities in which we work. We take every opportunity to assist and contribute to our local communities when and wherever we can, in areas like clean energy, student education, and philanthropic efforts.

“Kanye Kanye Accommodation & Catering is serious about making an investment in the community for the long term “ Kanye Kanye Accommodation & Catering does best—solving challenges in innovative ways.”

We have strong values that are well embedded across our organisation We inspire our people and guide them toward a meaningful purpose We create new opportunities, appreciating that change is inevitable, based on current social, economic, and technological realities We demonstrate our commitment to jointly shaping our future through broad engagement and feedback across our business We care for each other We make real changes to demonstrate the progression towards our desired culture

At Kanye Kanye Accommodation & Catering , we understand that we are only as strong as our people – both present and future – who we know are our greatest source of value.

We are committed to looking after our employees and enriching their lives, and thus, investing in our workforce is a high priority.

Kanye Kanye empowers its employees to make decisions and drive outcomes through trust-based leadership and right-sizing governance. We provide fair and equitable reward in relation to performance, and foster a culture of true ownership that enables an entrepreneurial mindset. This allows our people to be leaders in the industry – cultivating change, and powering possibility.

In exchange, we hold our employees accountable to perform at the highest standard of their ability. We want our workforce to be faster and more adaptable, and to strive to deliver the greatest possible results to meet our objectives and targets.

Employment Equity
As one of the black-empowered companies in South Africa, we are committed to meeting transformation objectives. At Kanye Kanye, we believe in supporting continuous diversity and developing the skills of our workforce to enable progress.

We've been doing this for the past decade thanks to our employment equity strategy. It's founded on detailed plans that are developed by each business unit in collaboration with each of its employees and their respective unions.

Transformation is a core focus of Kanye Kanye Accommodation & Catering – we develop our people and reward top performers. We fully support transformation through economic empowerment ownership.